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    The Guild Wars 2 adventures of a confirmed altoholic. Expect alts, landscapes, and anything else GW2 that catches my eye...

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It started as a peaceful protest….

Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge

Day 1: First Character

I was caught by the idea of Engineer from the moment it was revealed, so it had to be an Engi. Tesla Cogburn was my first character both in beta (pic from BWE1) and at launch. I did eventually move on to maining Warrior/Ele, but Engis will always have a special place in my heart.






"Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge"

Let’s get started ;P

Time to do this too!

I like this :D

This should get me back in the habit of posting on Tumblr, I’ll start this week hopefully

doing it too cause I suuuck at posting lately!

Might just have to give this a go! :D

(via virtue-of-justice)

Moving on from my post about corrupted vegetables in my fridge I decided it was a waste to just throw them away this time. Thus my suggestion for the next gemstore weapon set was born: the Mordremoth weapons.

Random Musings

If Logan really loves Jennah why doesn’t he let her use his shampoo? She could do with it tbh.