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    The Guild Wars 2 adventures of a confirmed altoholic. Expect alts, landscapes, and anything else GW2 that catches my eye...

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Rata Sum and the Uncategorised Fractal

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    Isn’t clear?
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    Aye, and remember that the Asura did not build a majority of what you see. They found it, there, refurbished it, added...
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    It looks like a destroyed version of Rata Sum. The only reason why the bottom one looks like it’s facing outwards is...
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    There’s an influence point that talks about powering a second city-cube like Rata-sum, so it’s pretty easy to assume...
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    it doesnt have to be rata sum exactly, it could be another city like rata sum. im sure asuras would use the same...
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    People still think this? The layout of the two places are COMPLETELY different. The top picture is interior facing, the...
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    Still interesting though. I never realized this as an actual city.
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    my exact thought when doing it recently
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    Signs point to it being an alternate reality, though. Dessa (the Fractals guide) clearly recognizes this fractal,...
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    Well, didn’t the power plant in Metrica Province break reality? Assuming that disaster can spread or happen again,...
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    YA DAMN RIGHT WE SHOULD i’m only on level 3 like a wuss
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    We should do a fractal run sometime
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