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    The Guild Wars 2 adventures of a confirmed altoholic. Expect alts, landscapes, and anything else GW2 that catches my eye...

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Blimma (lv80 Guardian) works for Moto. Her job title is “Refreshment Replenishment and Equipment Acquisition Agent”. She is very proud of her placement, but isn’t quite bright enough to realise the term in human is “skivvy”

Load up Jaddzi to find this.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

It’s OK Swypette, I know you are not a man and I think you are pretty, even if no-one else does   (> ^.^)>

Levelling Looks

Klobbr is wearing T1 Asuran cultural chest and legs, with karma-bought Dark shoulders, gloves and boots dyed stream, matte and ebony. Sadly heavy Asura only, but I think its a great (and cheap) look for levelling characters!

Soooo I went on a bit of a translation bender on the text of the Thaumanova Reactor, inspired by http://riixti-files.tumblr.com/

Here’s what we got (with the missing bits filled by me in brackets)

We are the Asura, lords of the deep domains that are now denied to us. Overwhelmed by numbers, power, and brute force, we have been forced to this open sunfilled world and forced to recreate our civilisation. That we have succeeded is a testament to the indomitable spirit and innate intelligence of our people. In every day and with every invention we rebuild our world and bend reality to match our needs. The eternal alchemy states that everything is interwoven, that the actions of a single Asura (of) one experiment can have wider implications throughout the world. We are all part of (the eternal alchemy), whether as cogs, pistons, wheels, springs, or arcanic crystals. The ultimate goal in life to comprehend (the) greater purpose of the eternal alchemy, and to strive in perfecting it.

Then it loops :D

~Seems Riixti was working on it too, and finished one minute ahead of myself and my brother. Touche :( ~

Grabbing WPs in Queensdale on a character without a run skill - end up running around the map carrying a rabbit for the dash skill :3