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    The Guild Wars 2 adventures of a confirmed altoholic. Expect alts, landscapes, and anything else GW2 that catches my eye...

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I have started playing gw1 a lot more again of late. My husband bought a copy of gw1 to link to his HoM, but rarely plays it, so I am going to go for gwamm and 50/50 for him. Lots of work lays ahead, so I will probably be on gw2 a lot less from here on, but I will be on for dailies and living story, so I should -hopefully- be able to carry on tumblring

~New lore change: Adelbern was actually a Charr~

Gonna be spending more time in gw1, trying to get hubby some HoM points and show him all the lore :D

Got fed up playing gw2 this evening, so went on a retro night to gw1

I hope Tybalt knows I got a run….