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    The Guild Wars 2 adventures of a confirmed altoholic. Expect alts, landscapes, and anything else GW2 that catches my eye...

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post your results


2 Morning Sea lol

When you stand with the Order of Whispers, you never stand alone.

A sweeter sight is never seen in gaming…

A sweeter sight is never seen in gaming…

When you sell an investment and 2 days later it quintuples in value.


GW2 Photo Challenge

#5 - Favourite Map

It has to be Rata Sum. It might seem odd not picking an explorable map, but this place wins for a few reasons. It was totes built by the Mursaat (headcanon, please ignore). It has a really cool futuristic look without going OTT. It’s the home of snarky Vulcan gnomes. They have a stage with breakdancing Asura and there is a Moa dance trainer. It’s the only capital city where the race’s bad guys (Inquest) are actually welcomed in. also Golems. I could go on, but snarky Vulcans pretty much covers it.

Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge

#4 - Favourite Profession

As I played Ele almost constantly in gw1, it will always have a special place in my heart. The visuals and attunement mechanics make me really love it. I have to say though, I do play my Warrior more, and I really love her too, so it’s a close one :D

Getting all organised towards mapping and finishing my lv80’s stories, so I remade my charts :D

GW2 Photo Challenge

Day 3: Worn Armour

I have rather too many chars to show them all (and some aren’t perfected yet) so I’ll just show my current favourite. Hikari Miyamoto, human guardian.

Light of Dwayna back, chest is primeval, gloves are the HoM Dwayna ones, then legs and boots are ascended. I love the way when her arms are by her sides the wings on the gloves and her back match.

Currently saving karma to get the Asura t3 cultural weapons for her so she can have some matching sparkles.